:pre press

:free setup / free jumbo 

No hidden setup or film charges.  Our max. print area is 17 in. x 22 in. and there is no extra charge to print this size.

:straight up pricing 

An out the door price per piece for fast and real pricing.  No hidden setup fees.

:free pantone matching 

​All colors are custom made from the Pantone Solid Coated booklet free of charge.  


:vigorous quality control 
Our team of highly trained press operators, catchers, and finishers know 

you are looking for the best.  They love knowing you are getting what you paid for...quality.  

:special affects
We specialize in discharge, waterbase, high density, simulated process, foil, blister, gels, soft plastisol and flock. 
:label printing 
Screen printed neck label print in the neckline of your garment for a
professional and branded look.
:premium finishing 
Screen printed neck label print in the neckline of your garment for a
professional and branded look.


:relabeling &sewing 
Have a custom tag to sew in the neckline, bottom hem, sleeve, etc?  We'll take care of the sewing for you!  We will also remove a fabric tag, such as an American Apparel T, and sew it flush for label printing.  
:blind shipments 
Are you a contractor licensing company, or clothing brand looking to keep your printer name off of the box?  For no extra fee we can put your name in the return address so the box appears to come from you. 
:folding &poly bagging 
Shirts can be folded and bagged for a professional look
:hang tagging 
Supply your own hang tags we we'll put them on your garments for you.  


:online order fulfillment 
Managing & shipping online and retailer orders can be a headache for companies that need to use their time in a more efficient way.  Take advantage of our storage and order fulfillment services and have more time to do what you love.   Contact a customer service rep for more details on our terms and conditions at (913) 912-6734

Since 2017, we’ve been obsessing over every detail of custom printing and apparel. From screenprinting and embroidery to tackle twill and foil printing, our experts can handle any requests of any size. Today, we’ve printed over 17 million pieces for over 400,000 happy customers and we’re just getting started!

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