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professional screen printing

Southern Screen Prints is a leading retail-ready garment decorator for brands, merchandise companies, and contractors.  

We frequently print for large box office movies, nationwide artist tours, prime time tv shows, nationally known restaurants, and clothing brands large to small.  Regardless of the client, our main objective is fast, top-notch quality screen printing at an affordable price.    


We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our clients and their deadlines.  This starts with always using:  Premium inks and equipment, innovative printing techniques, vigorous quality control methods, and top notch team members who love what they do.  


Some of the many services we offer here at Southern Screen Prints are special affects printing, event/store distribution, blind shipping, fabric tag sewing/removal, label printing, hang tagging, folding and bagging, bar code/sku application and high-end art separations.    

Printing techniques consist of discharge, waterbase, soft plastisol, foil, high density, custom glitter, simulated process, true reflective, faux leather, suede and gels.


For a quote please call us at (913) 912-6734. or use our contact form here.  We look forward to hearing from you!